Official race winner’s report

The winners of the race from church, Jenifer and Joshua Fitz, have written a report on the race.

” Unfortunatly, even after  cheating by running over curbs, the team of John Fitz could not open the door, and were generously assisted by the team of Joshua and Jenifer Fitz.” This act of christian cherity kept the other team from freezing in the cold Febuary rain.


Rainy with a chance of zombies p. 2

The police began desperatly shooting at zombies, when some one pulled out an invention that seemed better at the moment than the light bulb: the hair spray and lighter flame thrower. You see, when set on fire, zombies just melt down faster than warm wax. this is how the Spring dale police came to be armed with Molotov cocktails. These worked great against zombies, unless you were to close. That, and if you hit them hard on the head,(with a base ball bat or billy club, for example), they went right over, although having them that close was very dangerous. after clearing the mall, they could safely fight there way to the hospital, where a new surprise awaited.

Rainy with a chance of zombies

Rainy with a chance of Zombies.
Joe read the news and drank coffee like he did every morning, but to day he would be visited by non other than Mr. Timn, except that Mr. Timn was covered in blood and trying to eat Joe. Joe ran back to the bedroom and grabbed his 12 gauge mossberg 590 and his M1911A1  and ammunition for both, when he saw that in addition to Mr. Timn, many others were zombie-fied.
After eliminating nearby zombies as a threat, Joe started his car and headed to the police station were he worked. there he found the doors locked, and when let in, saw his fellow cops stashing up on arms. do you mind if I borrow an M-4 ? asked Joe. Not at all replied Captain Henry . Hey Joe! said Sargent Bill. I suggest we get started Clearing out the scary’s now that most of us are here, said Keith, A Corporal.
The undead Watched as five squad cars and an armored van headed for the mall, although they wern’t there to shop.

The infection started in a Lab in the in the city were a scientist working with bacteria got a cut, but forgot to wash it. Then the virus slowly moved around infecting other scientists and workers without a sign, then sudenly zombie-fieing them in minutes. The first batch of zombies infected many people before they were killed of, but this time the infected started having symtoms right away.
After entering the mall, and killing several zombies, the police found a new breed of zombies.
when most people think of zombies, you picture a slow, groaning abomination. Not these. They could sprint very fast, had long claws, and were extremly durable.
How they found out was that one took a forty foot drop, landed, impaled John(one of the police) and threw him out a window. it took the combined fire of all the men to kill it instantly. and there were 7 more.